I’m Sahil Dave,

a Product Design Expert based out of Berlin.

I am skilled at creating scalable and practical designs. As a former developer and founder, I understand the challenges of product development and implementation.

I also enjoy escaping rooms and writing about them.

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Notable work


Reducing user activation time

In Oct’ 2021, it took Kontist 100 days to activate a new tax service users. In July’ 2022, it takes 30 days. This is how we did it.

Kontist • Q4 ’21 — Q2 ‘22

↗️ Case study here


Increasing tax advisor efficiency

Kontist’s backoffice helps ops provide tech-assisted tax services to the customer. The efficiency of this tool needs to be at par with the customer’s experiences.

Kontist • Aug ‘21 — Ongoing

↗️ Case study here


Rebuilding Urban Sports Club apps

Urban Sports Club rebuilt their app with React Native over ‘19—’20. My role was to envision, scope out, and help deliver this "new and improved" app.

Urban Sports Club • 2019 — 2020

↗️ Case study here


Increasing Search Relevancy

Helping improve the relevancy of search results supported the business goals of customer happiness, profitability, and reducing churn.

Urban Sports Club • Q4 2019 — Q1 2020

↗️ Case study here

Read more about my work here**:** More projects

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