I am Sahil, a Senior Product Designer, based in Berlin and working at Kontist. Earlier, I worked with Urban Sports Club during their hyper-growth phase; and supported SumUp for laying groundwork for their payment hardware. Also, I was a co-organizer of OnProduct meetup group until recently.

I have an expertise in creating scalable designs & design systems, especially for React Native apps.

Having been a developer earlier, I understand the nuances of implementation, design systems, and handoffs, as a designer.


I like to find new ways of solving a problem with an entrepreneurial mindset. I had co-founded a startup in 2015 and have been building side-projects regularly, the latest being Figma Comments.

Current focus: How to document my research finding more thoroughly in this new remote situation.

Recent work

I recently joined Kontist as a Senior Product Designer, to help self-employed focus better on their work instead of spending time doing taxes & VAT declaration.


Before, at SumUp I conducted discovery for customer & merchant experience for upcoming payment hardware.


Previously, I worked as a Senior Product Designer at Urban Sports Club in Berlin. I've seen both a hyper-growth phase and an overwhelming COVID phase.

My journey: At Urban Sports Club

My project: Rebuilding the Urban Sports Club apps


I recently launched Figma Comments, a mobile app for iOS and Android to continue with your comment conversation on Figma. You can subscribe to updates to a bunch of files and get instant access to the conversation on the phone.

My learnings: Creating Figma Comments


I help co-organize the On Product meetup where we are trying to create a community of designers, product managers, developers, QA engineers to exchange ideas, best practices and know-how.

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